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Your support makes a world of difference.

In 1974, CMA set out on a mission to create homes where adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities could live with peers and professional support, leading fulfilling lives.

Over the years, we’ve evolved to cater to diverse needs. We’ve expanded our services for those living independently and in their family homes. Recent years have seen significant growth. With your help, we’ve added 200 individuals through our Self Direction program and impacted 100 more through Day Programs, Vocational Programs, and Family Support Services. We’ve extended our support to families in NYC’s boroughs, and we now provide services to families with children as young as 4 years old.

Our teams provide vital support. We help diverse families navigate life’s challenges, from language support to job changes, graduations, and end-of-life planning. Your support allows us to change lives. Autism rates are rising, and people are living longer, increasing the demand for our services.

Your donation can make a profound difference. Please join us in providing individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities a chance for a meaningful life. Your support is essential in making a positive impact. Thank you for considering this heartfelt invitation.