Create a lasting impact, every single month

Support vital programs and provide resources directly to our participants

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Become a Community Builder Today

Being a Community Builder is about more than just a monthly donation.

It’s a way to be more involved and feel more connected to the success your giving enables.

You can apply your monthly support to a category of your choosing, supporting items and initiatives related to:

  • EDUCATION: Your donation could pay for a college class or needed supportive technology
  • HOUSING: Your gift could assist in a small home renovation.
  • TRAVEL: Your generosity might cover transportation costs or fund a group's day trip.
  • CLOTHING: Your contribution could go towards purchasing outfits for job interviews or the upcoming season.

Why become a Community Builder?

  • Visible impact: See how your contributions support vital programs and services through detailed reports and firsthand accounts.
  • Ease and flexibility: Choose the donation level that works for you, adjust it anytime, and enjoy simple, automated contributions.
  • Community connection: Get exclusive invites, updates, and stories from the individuals and families you’re helping.
  • Tax benefits: As a 501(c)(3) organization, donations to Community Mainstreaming Associates are 100% tax-deductible.

Why does it matter?

The support of our Community Builders enables CMA to plan ahead, knowing there will be resources there when they’re needed most. This helps us launch new programs and sustain existing ones.